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Curbside Pickup - Cover2.jpg

A Dynamic Retail Market:

How the Acceleration in E-Commerce and Delivery Models Could Lead to Long-Term Structural Shifts

Joe Kolb, PE

Retail Team Leader

Kenneth S. Staffier, PE

Senior Project Manager

Bus Revolution - Cover 2.jpg

The Bus Revolution:

Adapting to Population Growth, Passenger Demands, and Evolving Technology 

Lisa DiTaranti, PE

Northeast Director, Transit and Rail

Jim Dowling, AICP,  PP

Northeast Director, Transportation Planning

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Operation Necessity:

Inclusion and Diversity Are a Must-Have in Today's Workplace

Keri Kocur

Chief People Officer

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Catalyst for Change:

How Pollinator-smart Solar Facilities are Taking Sustainability to the Next Level

Kris Dramby, CWB, PWS, CE

Director of Energy and 
Natural Resources

Unintended Consequences:

Autonomous Vehicles and the Effects on Land Use, Multimodal Transportation, and Our Communities

Terri Elkowitz

Northeast Regional Manager

NEPA Changes - Cover2.jpg

The NEPA Outlook Beyond 2020:

Plan. Adapt. Maintain. 

Alan Summerville

Vice President, 
NEPA Practice Leader

ASCT Cover2.jpg

Adaptive Signals, Enhanced Communities:

Integrating Technology for Comprehensive Transportation Solutions

Niki Hastings, PE

Director of Transportation Planning and Operations, Watertown

Joe Herr, PE, PTOE

Senior Engineering Manager


Redefining the Built Environment:

Transportation’s Role in Building Healthy Communities

Lauren Blackburn, AICP

Senior Project Manager

Curt Ostrodka, AICP, LEED AP

Director of Community Planning

AVs on Campus.jpg

Navigating the Future of Autonomous Vehicles on Campus

Nathaniel Grier, PE, ENV SP

National Practice Leader - Campus Mobility Planning

Offshore Wind - Cover2.jpg

Renewable Energy Growth:

Offshore Wind Investments Aim to Meet Rising Energy Demands

Sue Moberg, PWS, CFM

Principal, Natural Science

Sherrie Trefry, CSS

Environmental & Energy Services Director, New Hampshire

BenefitsOfRezoning - Cover.jpg

Benefits of Rezoning:

Enhancing Economic Development Through Comprehensive Planning Initiatives

Nancy Doon, AICP

Environmental Service Leader, Northeast Region

Healing Garden_Cover2.jpg

Healing Beyond the Walls:

Developing Unique Design Solution to Enhance Patient Care and Experience

Nancy Rodrique, RLA

Senior Landscape Architect

Carlos Vargas, RLA, CLARB, ISA

Landscape Architecture Team Leader, Northeast Region

Crowded city street

Growing New York City:

Infrastructure Upgrades, Better Transportation Options a Must for Future Growth & Global Leadership

Mike Carragher, PE

President & CEO

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