COVID-19 Response Series

Insights and tools to help navigate COVID-19

GlobalSupplyChain - Cover2.jpg

Navigating Unprecedented Disruption

COVID-19’s Impact on Global Supply Chains 

Ryan White, AICP

Manager, Freight Planning
& Logistics

HealthAndSafety Cover 2.jpg

Construction Health & Safety: 

COVID-19 Protocols Keep Projects Moving


ActiveTransportation - Cover 2.jpg

Reshaping and Influencing the Post-COVID-19 World

Can opportunity arise from crisis?

Federico Tallis, AICP

Transportation Planner

WorkingRemotely - Cover 2.jpg

Working Remotely During COVID-19: 

Technology-Focused Tips to Boost Your Productivity 


Transit Recovery - Cover2.jpg

Restoring Service and Confidence Post-COVID-19

How transit agencies can prepare for recovery

Darrell Smith

Senior Transit Planner

David Wilcock, PE

National Director, Transit & Rail

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